About us

EUKA's is a brand established by industrial textile manufacturer, Sakaue Weaving Co., Ltd..

Sakaue Weaving is company based in the Senshu area of Japan, with 65 years of experience weaving textiles. We specialize in weaving ultra high-density cotton textiles for fashion and industrial use. We are committed to honoring the weaving traditions of the past 237 years while innovating to develop new techniques to meet the challenges of the present day. We aim to pass on these traditions and new techniques to the next generation of weavers.


Giving shape to new textiles.

Textiles surround us. We cannot live without textiles. Textiles protect, cover, and allow us to express our unique personalities. Like the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat, textiles are forever intertwined with people on earth. With these thoughts in mind, we are committed to weaving that maximizes the functionality of cotton without using many chemicals that harm the environment or waste excessive amounts of water.


1951 Founding of Sakaue Weaving Co., Ltd. (Masaru Sakaue, the founder)
As a survivor of World War II, he made an effort to solve the shortage in goods after the war
Manufactured mainly cotton fabrics for clothing

1987 Kazuhira Sakaue (the second president) takes over the business
From the period of high economic growth to the bursting of the bubble economy and the Lehman Shock, we have adapted our values to each era to become a company that survives Altered course from cotton fabrics for clothing to industrial fabrics
Focused on both high-density fabrics, such as down quilt cover fabrics and canvas, and low-density fabrics, such as flooring backing materials and cheesecloth, in order to accumulate highly unique expertise

2018 Motohiko Sakaue (the third president) takes over the business
Transitioned from a company that is simply chosen to a company that creates the future with unique technologies and proposals
Began production of high-density fabrics that require unique technologies, such as firefighting uniforms
Began development of new fabrics combining different materials and fibers Continues technological innovation as a pioneer in the manufacture of highly functional fabrics

2021 Establishment of in-house brand EUKA's

2021 Provision of multipurpose aprons to nursing care workers to control COVID-19 infections

Company Values

Quality of Life

Our company's presidents up to now have been mindful of the happiness of our employees, and together with the happiness of our employees, we are committed to their self-actualization. We believe that the company is a tool for our employees, and that it is one of the ways for our employees to be happy and to achieve self-actualization.

We strongly believe that employees should not only live a healthy and happy life, but also realize what they want to be through their work and using the compensation they get from their work to make this happen.

When you are on the path to self-actualization, it makes the people around you happy. A joyful atmosphere puts the mind at ease and creates the foundation for things to take a positive turn.


Textiles are all around us. We will continue to reevaluate the creativity inherent to textiles and utilize this to provide a safe and secure lifestyle.

Creativity of high-density fabrics
High-density fabrics can give textiles an unprecedented surface texture, durability to make clothes last longer, and shielding properties to protect the body.

Creativity of multilayer fabrics
Fabrics are characterized by the ease with which fibers with different properties can be combined. It is possible to create textiles with completely different fronts and backs, and textiles in which each layer has a different function.

Creativity of composite fabrics made of different materials
Fabrics can be easily combined with materials other than fibers. By utilizing this feature to a great extent, it will be possible to produce garments with new appearances and distinctive functions.


Textiles, which are deeply intertwined with our lives, have a sustainability role to fulfill. In the past, we developed synthetic fibers to replace natural fibers and disposed of the synthetic clothing we produced. We have been throwing garbage into the ocean and polluting it. We need to do something about this.

In our textile production, we are making continuous efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, the use of chemicals, and the amount of material waste.

Our role for the future is to improve the environmental sustainability of our textile industry.

Efficiency, High Quality, Technology

Systems that require high quality are simply more efficient in terms of energy and resources.