Protective Textiles

EUKA's textiles protect the human body from everyday life to extreme natural environment such as outdoors, as well as times of disaster with our durable high density cotton fabric and heat-resistant firefighter gown, etc.

EUKA's is the brand established by industrial textile manufacturer Sakaue Weaving Co., Ltd. Specialized in high and low density woven textiles for industrial use, we have the ability to maximize the functionality* of woven cotton fabrics without relying on any chemicals.

*Moisture permeation 1461g/㎡・h (measured by JIS-L-1099 B-2 method), breathability 1.25cc/㎠・s (JIS-L-1096 A method), pilling class 5 (JIS-L-1076 A method)

Environmental Responsibilitys

EUKA's production process does not require polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which is one of the materials usually necessary to weave high density cotton fabric, thereby successfully reducing the amount of waste water during process by 25-35%. We also have been working on the reduction of CO2 emission since 2008 and have scaled down electricity consumption by 25%.

As a factory using limited resources on earth, we are committed to reaching our goal and taking responsibility to have the least possible impact on the environment.

Innovative Technique

EUKA's textiles can support new technologies woven into the textile such as informative cables, optical fibers, and much more, thanks to the patented techniques of Sakaue Weaving. EUKA's textiles can glow at night or adjust heat, for example, to protect the human body in extreme environments.

Based on the fiber development and technology of Sakaue Weaving, we are able to create innovative textiles and products by combining all kinds of technology.