This 100% cotton textile protects against invasive particles such as pollutants and pollen. With ultra-fine holes, it has highly effective filtration properties, and, because it is a naturally occurring material, is less irritating to the skin and offers superior comfort. Its strength and durability are in line with our philosophy of valuing the things that we wear and use, to be treasured for years to come.

  • Superior particle-barrier properties do not allow cedar pollen particles (30 μm) to pass through to the body.

  • Fineness of surface dots has been improved by 20% compared to conventional high- density textiles.

  • Ultra-fine printing is possible. Print processing does not require large amounts of water.

  • Does not form pills like synthetic fibers.

  • Does not fluff like conventional cotton textiles.

  • Ultra high-density textile without chemical coating.
  • Particle-barrier performance and windproof performance does not degrade over time.

  • Static-free, allows allergens to fall off easily.
  • 100% cotton, gas-burned thread.
  • Made in Japan.

Color variations

Plain / ISHI01
Plain / KIHADA01
Plain / KAMI02
Plain Crease / NATURAL
Plain Crease / ISHI02
Plain Crease / KIHADA02
Plain Crease / KAMI06